Jungle paradise in Sri Lanka

All about my surf holidays with Drive Thru surfcamps...

english review,  December '18

Dreams do come true...

and it happend at drivethru Surfcamps in Madhia, southern Sri Lanka. Two weeks of pure bliss in the middle of the Jungle. I heard from this country since I was a little girl because my parents went travelling the country when they where young and my dad surfed at Arugam Bay in his late twenties. It was on my "to-travel-list". Having my friend asking me if I wanted to join the surf trip I couldn't hesitate and was over exited about finally seeing this country. I was seeking for that special jungle experience eversince I went to Bali and have finally found this incredible jungle's environment here at the very south of Sri Lanka, known for it's great surfspots and great beaches.

The camp is located not far off the beach, just a little walk back to the jungle. The local Front Yard Surfspot, a riff surf spot for advanced surfers is literally only a three minutes walk away. Once you enter the gates to the Drive Thru Camp area, you find a two floor house with nice and neat double rooms and the balcony suites on the top floor. Don't you worry if they appear small at the first impression, you will not spend your holidays in the rooms anyway. The ground floor rooms offer a nice outdoor shower area which is typical for tropic places. And you won't be seen, the outdoor shower is well hidden behind stone walls. The path goes on to the little plaza at the end right next to the big dorm, the villa suite, reception and dining house. The dorms can be found upstairs, food is served outdoor at the big terasse. I loved the fact that there was always coffee available so you would be able to grab a cup at 5.30 am before you take off to your first surf session..

On the area, you also find four very cute cabanas, perfect getaway stay for a couple and placed right next to the pool area. Right next to the big and beautiful pool, you can relax and sleep for hours at the nice and stylish arranged pool cabana, next to the Palmtrees and hammocks. Yoga is held once a dav from one of the best Yoga instructors I so far had in my life in the second cabana, between the main house and the pool area. Perfect for stretching and opening the body after or in between surfsessions.


The food at the camp was always truly amazing. Besides the rich breakfast with lots of "Schleim"as the germans called it - apparently delicious porrige there was toast, jam, all sorts of egs, each morning another dish including eggs and fresh papaya, watermelon and pinapple served. What a great breakfast after an early morning surf session. Lunch was held smaller but also delicious and dinner was a fiest of local food each time! I have never eaten the same dish within my two weeks at Drive Thru Surfcamps. A delight for every food expert, junkie and cooked by the local staff and chefs. No need for eating anywhere else, of course there are two nights at the camp where you can get your tuk tuk to drive you to other dinner places. Some, like Chill or Doctors House are placed nearby the camp and are stunning places for great sunsets, only twenty minutes walking distance away. Others like Mirissa or Matara can be found nearby. I have never eaten any bad food during my time in Sri Lanka.


Animals seen: dogs, of course (protection dogs from the camp  and besides the camp at every house - super cute), elephants, fireflies, moskitos *lol*, cats, turtles, green iguanas, snakes, skorpios after heavy rain, rats (cute mini rats I would call a mouse), tropical birds (can't name them all) , apes, peacocks and many many more.. the jungle lives!


I can't believe how two weeks can pass by so fast, I was thrilled about the program and sports, the surf, the care of the staff from drivethru and the nice vibes they gave to the guests. They were always very supportive, friendly and offered a lot. We had theory classes all about surfing, enjoyed two bond fire parties in the jungle and always felt very supported by any requests we had. The international team was very relaxed and always down for a surf, chat or just a leo beer. Deshalb, ein riesiges Dankeschön an euch alle ! You are missed guys, many thanks - to be continued!


I want to thank my dear friend and compagnon Nadja for making it possible and to take such good care about our Edelweiss flights, the incredible brand Indiana for the surfboard, Edelweiss for the great care on Board on our direct flight to Colombo and of course the staff of Hotelplan!

Livie's "must-do's" once you go there are the following:


- snorkel with trutles, the beachfront is only a walk away

- travel with the train (you'll be amazed what you see there)

- go to a national park on a very early saturday morning

- eat local food and support the locals, like the neighbour of the camp - she offers a dinnerworkshop

- surf, eat, sleep and repeat - the best way to relax

- check out Doctors house, the market there and the life bands playing

- grab your coffees at Coffee Point, the cutest local Coffee place that there is around the corner

- go to the incredible Blue Beach

- get yourself a tatoo at the local tatoo studio in Matara (local staff tells you all about the artist)

- embrace every minute and forget the serious way of life

- enjoy each sunset that there is - your time - your freedom

to bring with you :

- swiss chocolate or other goodies for the local staff (they are so cute and nice!)

- surf gear (no surfboards needed - all porvided there)

- ear drops ( we don't want ear infections)

- moskito spray (remember: you stay in the jungle)

- a good sense of humor

- sunscreen

- camera

- flipflops

- passion for surfing

- an open mind and soul