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B different - Bboard

Stand out of the crowd, be yourself, be real!

Members of the Crew with one of their latest customized Snowboards
Members of the Crew with one of their latest customized Snowboards


So yes, I am proud to be their customer and what they are doing is pretty damn unique on the snowboard market.


Snowboard lovers - me present the guys behind Bboard to you!


They truly deserve every line on my blog. Being connected through snowboarding in the swiss alps since ages, they complement each other on their expertise. With this base of knowledge, the team of Bboard consists of Ronald Hager, Christoph Riesen and Sandro Renold. In spite of good friendship, they have their saying "no friends on a powder day";). 


Bboard stands for real snowboarders, which  spend every free minute up in the mountains on their Bboards. Since they test their snowboards themselves, they know best what there is important to have in a board and they stand behind their own products with love and their dedication to it.


The idea of Bboard and of manufacturing individual snowboards came up when the limited offer of boards did not cover the needs of the two founders, Ronny and Christoph. In the year of 2014, the first hand-made Bboard was born, shortly afterwards the start-up company HagerRiesen manufacture with headquarters in Zurich was founded.


Their vision behind it was to offer the possibility to everyone to get his or her personal pro model board built by them to be able to indulge in a completely new feeling of snowboarding. I am so curious how mine will be! 

Bboard offers you a snowboard, which is perfectly according to your size, your weight, your riding style and giving you the full freedom in having your own design on the board instead of buying one where you don't fancy the design. I had to include Liviesnotes  line on the backside of my board and the surfer waves on the top. I could participate their work , look behind de scenes and was able to mix the color of my board! Come on – that is pretty damn rad isn't it! 

You will definitely feel the love in this handmade board once you ride it. 


Swiss Quality? Always! The years of snowboard experience and knowledge combined with specialist expertise offers everyone a high-end-product. In the utmost care, each Bboard is manufactured individually. The quality is paramount, so they ensure you guarantee under their regulations. And trust me – they test all of the material on their own snowboards first! 

Their website includes an individual designer where you can choose and upload your design personally. The prices are the average for a cool and personally manufactured snowboard. So it is completely worth getting your personalized snowboard made by Bboard.


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