Nusa Lembongan

Island fever


"Don't go to Indonesia during the rainy season" is what I told a friend two years ago.

Well, I went there again myself, in rainy season. Why? I wanted to escape another cold or lonely Christmas time in Europe, get stranded somewhere nice. And so I did! Arriving back in Bali was such a relief.

Thought I knew it all – Instead I realized that they are driving of the other side of the street and I forgot about most of the facts how things work over there.

Unfortunately the beaches looked different then last time too. Littering found it's way to the local beaches.

The same picture up the coast towards Canggu. It got me quite concerned seeing how they don't care about trash or how to get rid of it in a proper and environment friendly way. My prayers are going out that this will change and the government will seriously do something about this for Bali's future in tourism and economy.

Canggu / Perenan turned out to be nice and calm with a great homestay host and a neat pool. I know now what that rainy season means. Sun in the morning hours, rain in the afternoons or all day – warm rain though!

Being there without wanting to drive a scooter was not a good idea. Why didn't I want to ride a scooter? I've had two accidents there last time so I wanted to avoid more of them.

Having a nice driver made it easy so that he also took me up the legendary town called Ubud, where I stayed at some neat resort and spa called the Udaya for a night – worth a stay for a vew nights so check it out. Ubud itself is a neat little town and the Monkey Forest plus the little streets are worth to get discovered. The main streets are offering all kinds of shops and souvenirs and reminded me of Canggu or Seminyak. The town is also known for his artistical and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for retreats, meditation and yoga! Check out local deals or book retreats online.

So how did I end up in Nusa Lembongan?

My journey or roundtrip was Canggu - ubud - Western Australia - Nusa Lembongan.

After I left Indonesia for Australia, I returned to Kuta one night, stayed in the beautiful Un's Hotel right next to the great restaurant the Balcony's – serving the best Mahi Mahi fish on the island and then went on to Nusa Lembongan with one of Switzerland's best surfers – more later (bio). Nusa Lembongan turned out to be my little happy place for the rest of my trip. Twenty minutes away from Bali, connected to Nusa Cheningan. Both Islands perfect for diving, SUP paddeling, snorkeling with Manta Rays and a diversity of fishes. Nusa Lembongan offers great surf spots like Playground for beginners or Shipwreck for advanced surfers, 500 meters out of the shore.

We stayed at Mega Chaya, a nice homestay building with several very big and clean rooms, a great local host who took good care of us, wifi (which got important), hot water and air conditioner. The pool was great, I even had some fun there with my new boyfriend and surfboard called Rippy.

Why this name for a Surfboard? I've experienced my first rip when I went out for a sunset surf with a friend and thought, I might use that tough expierience as a name.Thanks god this friend was actually there to pull me out of the rip. Definitely not an expierience for everybody.

Anyhow, there was so much to explore on that Island. It is calm and peaceful with bautiful white sand and nice local people. Lembongan is no big party Island. If you are looking for that, choose Gili Trawangan for a trip!

The food in Lembongan was becoming a bit of our main topic throughout my whole stay. Lots of complains from my friend and lots of laughts with it.The result: local warung food is the best, lots of restaurants don't know how to cook their meals and additional taxes can get avoided if you know where to eat so choose wisely. In my opinion, if you travel you should never expect food to be as good as in Europe or other countries – a golden and glorious rule for me! Just writing about it makes me smile again. Some people almost developed a love-hate-relationship to restaurants.

By the way, I can recommend a snorkeling trip to manta point and more beautiful bays which take you over to Nusa Penida. Boat rides are always fun as you see the Islands from another perspective.

Heaps of beautiful and not damaged reefs can be spotted and all kind of tropical fishs can be seen in all colors and with all of their beauty.

Littering also happens on these Islands so I am afraid to admit that I was collecting lots of trash out of the ocean – even there, mostly during my SUP paddeling, during the snorkel trip. And it truly affected me leaving me with a sad feeling. What if only every boat would make it a "game" for tourists to collect trash if they would see any and get a Bintang beer in return after collecting trash? Wouldn't this be a little start for a big and greater blue planet? I believe it would be!


To follow, some impressions on and around Nusa Lembongan.