Los Angeles 2014

The City of lost Angels...? If so, I was definitely lost in that beauty, that vibe, that sun, that spirit, the hip locations and sights I've seen. Incredible and definitely the place to visit or to become an artist at! Such a cheerful, bubbly and sparkling city: two great weeks with many impressions and even more to see in the future.  Don't forget to actually rent a car right from the beginning on - This city ain't good for walking everywhere or get along by bus - it's simply too big plus there is no metro or subway. For creative heads and beach addicts I definitely recommand to check out Venice beach. You'll find all kinds of stores and shops there so as sportsoptions: skate and drive around with a nice bike are only two Options, there are many more sports to do there. Shopaddicts should go to Santa Monica and Santa Monica Boulevard. There are too many good stores and Malls to go into and spend your money. At the Pier you find the typicle touristy exitement with the Bubba Gumps Restaurant, two nice rollercoasters and many little tourist shops. These are also open in the evenings. Every wednesdays they have some concerts there such as other exitement going on. You have to check it out. Not far you find the Bungalows: a fabolous international bar which is in the style of a walk-inn-house with different rooms plus a livingroom with a fireplace and a bar. Please check out the beach which is incredible: clean, white and wide. Lots of space ther and high waves. For some Surfing you need to drive up Highway number 1 towards Malibu. There are lots of surfspots with real high waves- for advanced or pro's only;-) Foodwise I can definitely recommand In-n'-Out burgers which is the best burgerplace you've ever eaten burgers or nice fresh made french fries! You can't believe how good these taste.. you'll forget about Mc Donalds or Burgerking! Go to rodeo drive which is a must! Check out the fancy stores and signes of the plastic surgery clinics there, crazy! But that's Hollywood baby! Westwood and Brentwood (where Marilyn Monroe used to live) are the nicest neighbourhoods to check out. Further back towards the hills you find Bel Air which is very interesting to drive trough. Lots of nice houses indeed. Center City includes lots of skyscrapers and  buisness buidlings. It's definitely worth a drive through towards Beverly HIlls. The famous Walk of fame you'll find further back in West Hollywood. Go see the stars of the actors, producers, directors and singers.

After all very vibrant, interesting and sunny City which lots of interenational influences and if you're lucky, you might see Danny de Vito passing you bye in a red Offroader. You never know which actor you might see next ;-)

My special thanks go out to Jessica and John and everyone there who made it an unforgettable vacation - thank you guys! xx


Special advice: Catalina Island, Bel Air, Roxbury park, Abbot Kinney Blvd. 


Eine Reise ist ein Trunk aus der Quelle des Lebens!

Christian Friedrich Hebbel



Photo's taken by Olivia Fey in:  Los angeles, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Catalina Island, Malibu Beach, Long Beach