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Ich freue mich sehr, meine offizielle Zusammenarbeit mit INDIANA SUP Schweiz für die Summer Saison 2018 bekannt zu geben.  


Mein erstes Stand-Up Paddle war ein Indiana Board. Ich habe mich darin verliebt und kann wohl nie mehr damit aufhören. Die INDIANA Stand-Up Paddles sind nicht nur sehr schön im Design, Ihre Qualität ist auch einzigartig und hervorragend.

Seit also mit dabei wenn ich euch mit Updates rund ums Stand-up Paddeln versorge und euch News rund um INDIANA SUP liefere. Dazu gibt’s meine live videos mit Liviesnotes und Coolbrandz, in denen ich euch mit auf meine Touren auf den schweizer Seen nehme, euch die Schönheit unserer Natur zeige, sowie auch das Stand-Up Paddeln näher bringe.

Dieser Sport ist ein Allround Sport mit Full-Body workout für Jung und Alt. Sämtliche Muskelpartien werden Trainiert und durch die Spannung im Körper verschiedene Körperregionen trainiert. Ebenso wird Stabilität und Balance trainiert.  Es ist ein super Sport für den Geist, Körper und Seele. Für mich: ein Ruheelexier und Power Fitness gleichzeitig – es hilft mir abzuschalten und dem Alltagsstress zu entfliehen und in eine ganz andere Umgebung einzutauchen. Es gibt dort nur dich und das SUP, das Wasser trägt dich und die Schönheit der Natur lässt dich aufatmen. Stand-Up Paddelling kann auf Seen, in Flüssen und auch zum Surfen auf den Ozeanen benutzt werden. Definitiv einen Versuch wert! Begleitet mich mit INDIANA auf meinen SUP Journeys 2018! Einen Überblick der SUP's findet ihr untenstehend, bestellen und kaufen könnt ihr sie hier:


Where to get them? Here!

Indiana SUP






I am happy to announce my official collaboration with INDIANA SUP Switzerland for the Summer Season 2018.


My first Stand-Up paddle board was an INDIANA and I fell in love with it immediately. I want to do this sport during every spare moment that I have. The INDIANA design is very catchy and unique and the boards are amazing quality too! I will give you constant updates and news about INDIANA and I will go live on social media for Liviesnotes and Coolbrandz to take you with me on my SUP journeys on our Swiss lakes, showing you the beauty of nature in this country combined with Stand-Up paddling!

This is an all-round full body-tuning sport for young and old that also helps your stabilization and balance. It is fantastic for mind, body and soul! For me it is mental – in a way that it truly helps me to calm down from the stress, get out of the city environment and pressure. There is only you, the SUP, water and the beauty of nature surrounding you. It is possible to do Stand-Up paddling on lakes, and rivers and to take it surfing on the ocean. Please give it a try and you will not be disappointed. Join me with INDIANA on my SUP Journeys in 2018! Catch an overview of the boards below and make your choice!




Aloha and one love from the water!




Swiss Windsurfing Tour - Silvaplana

Join me exclusively for Kona Brewing Company and Coolbrandz, let go and hang loose!


The review:

Aloha! It was some fun and indeed a wonderful weekend starting that sunny and warm friday evening driving up towards St.Moritz and Silvaplana with my friend Roxie. Driving over Julier pass was indeed a challenge for my little and not very speed-friendly car (guess I need a new one;). Still made it up there and checked inn into our wonderful Lodge and huge two-floor appartement. Wow - a balcony view over the incredible lake Silvaplana included.

We then met the swiss boss from Kona Brewing Company for Dinner. He took us to the nice italian restaurant at the campingside. A lovely dinner with lovely people! Thank you Kona & Dani!

The contest started the day after. Getting up at 7.30am was quite challenging for us as it still got quite late the night before. The weather seemed to be tricky and challenging. There was north wind on on the last day of the competition on that saturday and we did not exactly know wheter they could start the competitions or not. So Dani first showed us the area where the contest was held - right on front of the river and in the campground next to a nice little restaurant. What an amazing camping ground in this rough and beautiful enviroment.

Silvaplana itself isn't only a place to go and windsurf but also a place for Kytesurfing as the winds are getting pretty strong. They are called the maloia winds blowing rough and usually quite cold through the valley. The temperature - difference between Zurich City and Silvaplana where about 15 degrees and the weather was quite tricky and changing on that saturday. For the ones not windsurfing or kitesurfing - of course you can hike and bike there too!


So we waited for the right wind - the maloia wind to come up. In the morning, the wind blew from the north and according to Dani and other unique characters we met it was not good for the competition to be held. So whilst waiting for the right wind, I interviewed the swiss boss of Kona Brewing Company online for Coolbrandz and checking out the scenery with going live. It indeed was very cool and inspiring seeing so many passionated windsurfers up there and meeting them all. The athmosphere was relaxed and the weather changing from winds to sun to raindrops. A tricky day.


As the wind later on did not change, the legends fun race was held at 1pm. Me sitting all up front to the water with the other viewers, it was impressive to watch. They went out with the very old and wooden windsurfing boards.

There was a laugh after the other seeing the riders fight against the no-windy conditions;). The competition went on until 3pm with lots of applause and nice backgroundmusic. The riders had to drive around some obstacles the fastest way they could. Tricky due to that north wind. The croud knew lots of them personally and we all were trying to motivate them. It gave that race its special and personal touch.


The Swiss Windsurfing Tour was ongoing since Wednesday. It included 70 riders from 8 nations, the youngest competitior was 10 years old and the oldest 80. Quite impressive!

A swiss windsurflegend and true local champ - Richard Stauffacher - was also competing and after all these years it was great to seeing him again grewing up at the neighbourhood in the beautiful valley of Heidiland! He still is beeing one of the best at the legends race.


My personal highlight was to interview the surflegend from Barbados, Mr. Brian Talma himself. That positivity of him including that inner happiness was truly overwelming and motivating to keep on doing what I try to : combining music and surf journalism in one. Thank you Brian for your spirit and positive energy and our nice and long chats later that day!

After the contest, we met the influencer of JA KLAR,  Niels Fock. A truly nice guy still fresh in his carreer giving me inspiring tips. At night, there was the ranking order including dinner at the top of Piz Corvatsch with a brilliant afterparty including a brilliant singer and very young band performing for the crowd. The DJ hit the music just where he should later on. Leaving the mountain in the gondola with a bunch of happy people and windsurfers finished our  day that saturday night just perfectly!


Meeting lots of legends and windsurf professionals was a great expierience and promoting such an great and delicious product like Kona Beer just came naturally. Thank you all for the great time and giving us some windsurfing times up on this incredible lake Silvaplana Coolbrandz and Kona Brewing Company!


Check out the campground now here :


For more information about the area check out Silvaplana via maps and go for a windsurf and kyte session up there!

Don't miss out on this beautiful place in the swiss alps!


Meet Brian - ACTION - Talma 🤙
Meet Brian - ACTION - Talma 🤙

This is definitely a thrilling upcomming expierience. Going to blog exclusively for Kona Brewing Company - the best beer from HAWAII for some special and exotic vibes.

Where? In the swiss alps. Whom for? For the Swiss Windsurfing Tour. Some background information can I provide to you all in advance:

The season opened in Hyères (France) by the famous Marco Polo Windsurfing Cup which continued at Lake Como (Italy) then went on to the Urner Lake in the heart of Switzerland, then over to Lake Morat, St- Blaise at Lake Neuchatel at the french part of Switzerland, further on to Murg at my hometown-lake Walensee and the national championship in Silvaplana continues this upcoming weekend! And I will keep you posted about the happenings with - exlcusively for the Kona Brewing Company, one of the Windsurfing Tour Sponsors!

The regatta in Silvaplana is one of the biggest highlights of the cup. The big challenge that all windsurfing and surf addicted ones (like me) should look forward to.

The landscape of the Oberengadin is not only breathtaking but allowes the competition to have best wind conditions for the cup as well. So I am happy to go live for coolbrandz and Kona Beer. If spotted and you take a pic and post it - use hastag #konabrewingco and tag @coolbrandz.


Where can you actually get the delicious Kona beer? You find it at COOP, Rio Getränke Markt, in one of my favorite bars in Zürich called "Stuba" and other selected bars and Restaurants and of course : online over the Drinks of the World


Stay tuned for the upcoming weekend and follow my footsteps live over coolbrandz and liviesnotes on Instagram and Facebook. I am happy to take you on this journey with me!

Surf impressions INDONESIA

As announced earlier this summer, I literaly ended up in sufers paradise. Meeting incredibly cool people, travelers and great surfers along the way from allover the world so as Brasil, Portugal and of course Australia and New Zealand. With skills over the top! For the beginning here are some flawless impressions and impressive rides of these magnificent surfers. Pictures are taken at Uluatu Beach, Padang-Padang, Bingin, Dreamland  Mesari and Kuta Beach. More about traveling, food, country and culture so as the lokals and great spots to go to, chill, party hang out on my Bali/Indonesia Travelblog.

And never forget: it's on when it's on !