Swiss Windsurfing Tour - Silvaplana

Join me exclusively for Kona Brewing Company and Coolbrandz, let go and hang loose!

This is definitely a thrilling upcomming expierience. Going to blog exclusively for Kona Brewing Company - the best beer from HAWAII for some special and exotic vibes.

Where? In the swiss alps. Whom for? For the Swiss Windsurfing Tour. Some background information can I provide to you all in advance:

The season opened in Hyères (France) by the famous Marco Polo Windsurfing Cup which continued at Lake Como (Italy) then went on to the Urner Lake in the heart of Switzerland, then over to Lake Morat, St- Blaise at Lake Neuchatel at the french part of Switzerland, further on to Murg at my hometown-lake Walensee and the national championship in Silvaplana continues this upcoming weekend! And I will keep you posted about the happenings with - exlcusively for the Kona Brewing Company, one of the Windsurfing Tour Sponsors!

The regatta in Silvaplana is one of the biggest highlights of the cup. The big challenge that all windsurfing and surf addicted ones (like me) should look forward to.

The landscape of the Oberengadin is not only breathtaking but allowes the competition to have best wind conditions for the cup as well. So I am happy to go live for coolbrandz and Kona Beer. If spotted and you take a pic and post it - use hastag #konabrewingco and tag @coolbrandz.


Where can you actually get the delicious Kona beer? You find it at COOP, Rio Getränke Markt, in one of my favorite bars in Zürich called "Stuba" and other selected bars and Restaurants and of course : online over the Drinks of the World


Stay tuned for the upcoming weekend and follow my footsteps live over coolbrandz and liviesnotes on Instagram and Facebook. I am happy to take you on this journey with me!

Surf impressions

As announced earlier this summer, I literaly ended up in sufers paradise. Meeting incredibly cool people, travelers and great surfers along the way from allover the world so as Brasil, Portugal and of course Australia and New Zealand. With skills over the top! For the beginning here are some flawless impressions and impressive rides of these magnificent surfers. Pictures are taken at Uluatu Beach, Padang-Padang, Bingin, Dreamland  Mesari and Kuta Beach. More about traveling, food, country and culture so as the lokals and great spots to go to, chill, party hang out on my Bali/Indonesia Travelblog.

And never forget: it's on when it's on !

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