Steetstyle Shooting with Joe Sciacca

Well another shooting with great vibes, a lovely assistant and an incredible photographer took place at the scene of Zurich City last Saturday late afternoon. Topic: Music photography. Me the average model? Never. But it was great again posing in my natural style for someone so talented like Joe! In time you get your expierience in that field and modelling for fun but that was something I have always wished for: Streetsyle, Grafiti, that beautiful old guitarr and as a background - my beautiful city. Züri mann! It was so much fun. Thougt I would melt away in the heat of the summer sun but then the weather changed and it was nice and clowdy so that we had a great light for shooting outdoors. A stylist? Ahm no - wouldn't have minded having one but maybe there was just no need for it;) ? Can't believe how two hours can pass by at times.


Special thanks to Joe Sciacca and my lovely and beautiful friend Catherine. What else could a girl wish for!? soon more to come;)

Zermatt Unplugged Festival '17 - exclusive with Marius Bear and Band

So it soon is coming up - the one and only exclusive Zermatt Unplugged Festival in Zermatt where worldwide exclusive acts meet and perform. This years lineup will be huge. I have the chance to join the band and provide the PR, Photographs and a daily review / report about Marius Bear Festival live up will be not just ready and provided here on my Jobs blog, but also on his website Follow us and join this incredible ride high above sea level in one of the most beautiful mountain sceneries of Switzerland.

More to be read about soon on my column Marius Bear at Zermatt Unplugged. looking forward..

Shooting for Nils Wachter Photography

Lately had a chance to model for a very talented Photographer doing his work since years. Focused on portaits, Nils Wachter truly knows how to get the best out of you. And so did he whilst photographing me. I might haven't been the easiest model clotheswise if it comes down to the bohemian style and fashion I am into. Quite a romantic and western style. With native american elements and lots of jewlery. A little more closed up as in my shooting at Joshue Tree Park in California last year -> to see on my Liviesnotes Facebook page. Not talking about the clothes but about the preciseness of his lense and very talented eye. Very happy and proud of the results. Just some attached impressions here...Thank you Nils Wachter Photography.

Surferstyle Look with Cailyn Cosmetics

To all my Ladies:

As already announced I did have the pleasure to be a make-up model for a very talented make-up artist who's big in buisness: Jesca Li from Zürich City. Cailyn is a very good cosmetic brand from the United States based on natural ingrediences without any animal testings. So the article about the step-by-step Look is out at our national Hairstylist and Style Magazin from Dobi Hair NOW: check that step by step Look for a nice Party or event afer catching the waves or the night before. Just right not too much but still giving your face great presence and flawless skin.

As it's a swiss magazin it's obviously written in german, but for those of you who not speak german you'll still have an easy one because the pictures explain a lot. And please remember, always have fun, no regrets and you're beautiful the way you are! xx Livie

Here the following link to get this easy-chick-beautiful surferlook (just wear it with open wavy hair!) :

Title in the magazin:

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Lipton #BeMoreTea - Pegasus on stage

What a good evening and event!

We definitely had a blast at Lipton #beMoreTea event last thursday. There was a nice relaxed atmosphere, supported by Joiz and Radio ERJ Zurich. It wasn't too crowdet so you could have a nice talk with the people.

The special guest performing that night was the international succsessful swiss band PEGASUS.

They definitely rocked that rooftop at the parkinghouse downtown in central Zurich. The leadsinger even said it would be something different for them to play at a rooftop as they never performed on one before. Good sense of humor! You could tell that they had loads of fun performing.

My special note to that is that after they played the official set of songs, they did play 2 old songs really rock'n'roll giving it its special something to their other songs. It sounded different and you could tell that they can also play other songs/ genre too.

Attached you find some impressions of this great event. Stay tuned!

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CAILYN Cosmetics

I recently had the pleasure to get a wonderful make-up done by the great local Zurich Make-up artist and styleblogger Jesca Li! And she did some great job, as usual! It was for the Dobi ( Dobi-Inter AG) Trendmagazine. Dobi is the biggest beauty competence-center in Europe.

Cailyn Cosmetics; a name that needs to be known as a very good cosmetic brand without any animal tests from located in the USA/Santa Fee !

CAILYN offers none-animal testing products, certified by Leaping Bunny. ( They do not test or re-test on animals to assess safety, efficacy, or environmental effects of cosmetics. Most of CAILYN COSMETICS is formulated without petrochemical, phthalates and other harmful ingredients. It feels great on your skin girls!

Stay tuned for more infos and step-by-step Look!



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Lipton Rooftop - be more Tea

Hello everyone!

It has been a while but this week, in the theme of #BeMoreTea, the parkhouse around Zurich mainstation (Sihlquai 41, 8005 Zürich) is turning into an urban meetingpoint itself. From 10.00am on, you can relax there, grill and chill and actually enjoy cool life acts. Thursday evening there will be an exclusive concert from a surprising act - I will be there for you to take exclusive pictures and impressions for you.


The point about #BeMoreTea is to go grab yourself something at lunch to put it on the barbecue grill. Openinghours: 10.00am - 3.00pm. #BeMoreTea wants to give everybody the option for a short gedaway, and relax up there on the rooftop to escape from work for once. What a wonderful idea - you need to try this out! #BeMoreTea offers you daily free Live-acts and activities. For example streetart-artists, a miniramp to skate and cuban music. The lounge invites to stay and chat with friends or co-workers. The Lipton rooftop also offers local food from Zurich so as real cuban food. Delicious!


For the event on thursday night tickets can be won over the link:


Attention, for the musicfans of you, there's an OPEN STAGE on Friday:

Friday night belongs to the talented newcommer acts!! Lipton Rooftop offers to all of them a platform to show there musical skills.

Sign up and perform over the following E-Mail-Adress:



See ya'll there, have a wonderful day, Livie!


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Thank you Pure Surfcamps!

After a very interesting time here in France I sadly have to say goodbye for now as my foot isn't doing much better and needs to recover before catching more sets. I have to say goodbye to a wonderful team with lots of great souls, smiles and vibes! Keep the great work up, surf hard and rock on - love you guys and already miss you:-)


It was a pleasure to work here and capture all of these wonderful instants: an expierience which will always be remembered.

What a great setup for sooo many surf-addicts and sports fans. Moliets itself does offer so much as a vacation - camping - town. It's located perfectly next to all of the great surfspots in Hossegor, Seignosse, Biarritz and the outlets for the shoppingaddicts. And the local beach is wonderful for all surf- Junkies as you can see on the following pictures! ;)


My special thanks go out to the locals I met along the way! Oh- Burger, the Soonline Surfshop guys, people from the bars like l' Open etc.. C'été une grande plaisir d'avoir eu la chance de faire votre connaissance! Merci beaucoup pour les conversations, les fètes et les souris! J'espère de revenir bientôt France tu me manque déjà!


Here some of my last coast impressions which gave me the power to keep moving on - next stop : INDONESIA / BALI !

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