Love and Living

Who can relate to the fact that from a certain age on, you don't make up stories anymore and you don't feel like you want to play in the game anymore? Why do we have to? What is it that makes so many beautiful people decide to live on their own or stay single together? Or choose lonleyness before spending time with someone who lightens up the day or just makes you laugh? Are we to complex for relationships?

Why are the bounds in Cities that different then on the countryside?


Sometimes I doubt that young people or people my age (grewing up in the 90ies) want to settle for less then what their deam imagination of another partner is..or should we? Wait for this perfect picture of someone until we see this person and if this person speaks out one phrase she or him looses all charm no matter how hot someone is? Indeed that topic is *eating* my brain up at times. I wonder if I am the only one who's aiming for more then just having nothing or friends which fill up and enrich my life completely - don't get me wrong!! But still this emptyness whithin you.

I find it hard to choose or find a right path for myself. There is just one thing we should never do: Letting us getting convinced of someone that they need us or how much they want us (for whichever reason) and give in.

We are worth the world - we are worthy beeing happy and treated well. We should refuse to get missjudged or misstreated by partners or relationships. Please don't ever! We deserve to be with people giving us what we need and treating us well. So many miserable relationships do exist. We should refuse to have one of those. Instead we should look up to the once trying and making things happening together. True love is probably the rarest gift on earth!

I believe it is very important to look forward, and seeing the beautiful and good sides of a person who is treating us well. Giving things chances to develope. Nothing lasts forever and no choice has to be made forever but trying gives us life expierience.


How many dates did I have? How many good ones? Including some fun and weird ones.. Life expierience! Take advantage to learn then as they say, some people come into our lifes to teach, show or enrich it..Still, choose wisely who you want to spend time with because time is precious. Mine is and so should our all time be. Don't waist it!

Never look for someone, unless your heart is crying out. Don't force people to not look for someone or love if you are going through this state of mind- every single person on this planet is looking for love!  Everyone needs love - without it we wouldn't live! So in my believes - this advice is totally wrong. What do you think about it?


Guys should lower their standarts while playing because times changed and they got cozy having girls running after them. I refuse beeing one of those. Be a gentlemen. Show effort. Stay true and cool. You are amazing without being a checker, rocker or a pimp. Stay true to who you are - fight for a good girl and SHOW her your qualities, don't be a SHOW-OFF or a talker never truly meaning a word of what you are actually saying  - she will find out. Don't tell her to "flash" you - instead "flash" her!? Be a man. And yes: a man is allowed to cry! it is fine for us ladies! And don't take a girl out for dinner whilst telling her that she is actually not your type at all  - dude really? How whicked - be a gentlemen!


Girls you should not force yourself for beeing with someone just because society tells you or just because he wants you. You should be sure that this guy will enrich your life so as you will enrich his. Be honest. Don't settle for less. Be smart and let him move (not mountains) but at least rocks for you - because you are worth it. If you like him - try. If you are not attracted to him (lots of girls originally are not attracted to the guy they are currently dating) - be honest to yourself.


There's so much more to say about this and about the weird and to me sad vibe this generation and the following got into. What are your standarts? How did you get the partner you are with now? What do you thing about the way people throw around with lovestories, affairs and other wild behaviours?


Let's exhange and spread the love!

Cheers to life and this weird loveworld - Livie




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Living for life

Well, as we all know. Life can change quickly or get set back for some reasons. Mine is changing within the last two years like crazy. I can't even say why, probably because of the stars? My life jobwise is turning into the right direction and I got to do what I love in life the most. Working at a great club, behind the bar, doing Promotion for a venue I love the most but also starting off with interviewing these bands makes life so inspiring and interesting to me. It's incredible. Don't you sometimes ask yourself why some things happen to you? I do ask myself this and still think it all comes down to my travels last year that changed me so much making me a better me and understanding myself more. Just quit my job one day ago. It was a good job, but I was just not born for it. I did it for years but now seen that I wasn't ment to be working with it anymore. So I've chosen a new way now and I am very curious about where it's gonna take me. But as a close friend just told me: "you'll never have to be worried about not finding work or support.. You are a great person with great people surrounding you, they will take care and life will.." and so it is, starting my new job today! What else is there to say??

Thank you Plaza Team, Thank you Dig It!Team, Thank you Moudis! Looking forward!

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Surferstyle Look with Cailyn Cosmetics

To all my Ladies:

As already announced I did have the pleasure to be a make-up model for a very talented make-up artist who's big in buisness: Jesca Li from Zürich City. Cailyn is a very good cosmetic brand from the United States based on natural ingrediences without any animal testings. So the article about the step-by-step Look is out at our national Hairstylist and Style Magazin from Dobi Hair NOW: check that step by step Look for a nice Party or event afer catching the waves or the night before. Just right not too much but still giving your face great presence and flawless skin.

As it's a swiss magazin it's obviously written in german, but for those of you who not speak german you'll still have an easy one because the pictures explain a lot. And please remember, always have fun, no regrets and you're beautiful the way you are! xx Livie

Here the following link to get this easy-chick-beautiful surferlook (just wear it with open wavy hair!) :

Title in the magazin:

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Lipton #BeMoreTea - Pegasus on stage

What a good evening and event!

We definitely had a blast at Lipton #beMoreTea event last thursday. There was a nice relaxed atmosphere, supported by Joiz and Radio ERJ Zurich. It wasn't too crowdet so you could have a nice talk with the people.

The special guest performing that night was the international succsessful swiss band PEGASUS.

They definitely rocked that rooftop at the parkinghouse downtown in central Zurich. The leadsinger even said it would be something different for them to play at a rooftop as they never performed on one before. Good sense of humor! You could tell that they had loads of fun performing.

My special note to that is that after they played the official set of songs, they did play 2 old songs really rock'n'roll giving it its special something to their other songs. It sounded different and you could tell that they can also play other songs/ genre too.

Attached you find some impressions of this great event. Stay tuned!

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