Ziggy Alberts Story-telling

gold coast barefeet passion and so many positive vibes...

English review, April '19

Ziggy Alberts! A man I heard so much about in the past. I got recommendations for seeing him live, but I never expected this amazing and personal show by such famous australian singer and songwriter. We got him presented by the great Just Because : a company specialized in promoting and booking concerts within Switzerland and as such focuses on developing the careers of a wide range of international newcomers as well as established artists, and some promising Swiss talents. 

Ziggy Alberts touched many hearts that evening, not only is this handsome man a good singer, his melancholic and tender voice has much depht and is truly touching people all around the globe.

His aura and positive vibes touched the sold out concert hall at Kaufleuten Zurich. Ziggy presented hits out of his new album "Laps Around the Sun" and touched hearts with songs like "Love me now", "On Hold" , "Laps Around the Sun" and melancholic songs like "Best Friend" or "3 Degrees South" and "Bright lights". Just listen to his hit "Gone" or "Runaway" and take off with your thoughts and dreams to a roadtrip along the coast. There certainly was this professional performer beeing on stage doing his show but hardly ever have I had the impression that this personal storytelling was that "real" when he told us about the songs that he produced and about how titles of his songs where made gave us a hint about his songwriting ideas. Of course he performed barefeet and was proud to inform the audience that he moved to the gold coast in Australia. Of course the audience applaudet. I don't know what it is about that fascination for Australia that swiss people have and it always leaves me smiling when I see how they react and interact with the "Aussies". It might be this "easy way of life" or this carefree simple life that Australians seem to live and I guess we want to incur it. Anyhow, swiss people love australian singers and songwriters. And they love Ziggy!


Thank you mate for bringing such great surfvibes over  - they are needed here!


Special thanks to JustBecause! Thank you so much for the past years and I am greatful for our collaboration and concerts together!