Der Berg ruft den Bären!

Marius Bear - Exclusive Impressionen am Zermatt Unplugged Festival '17

Was für ein Festival, was für eine Reise! Vier Tage lang durfte ich zusammen mit Marius Bär und den tollen Jungs seiner Band Teil des wohl eindrücklichsten schweizer Festival, dem Zermatt Unplugged Festival werden. Musik, Sonne, viele neue Freunde und tolle Bekanntschaften durften geschlossen werden. Die Eindrücke waren unglaublich. Mein Job? Ich war die "Bandmum" und Organisatorin sowie verantwortlich für Social Media, Fotos, Filme und seine Website- Blogeinträge. Ebenso war ich für sein Merchandize mit Werbung und seinen CD-Verkäufen zu zuständig. Mit insgesamt drei Auftritten an drei aufeinanderfolgenden Festivaltagen durfte Marius Bär das Publikum verzaubern. Zwei der Auftritte fanden auf der Bühne im Herzen des Festivals, im Taste Village statt, ein weiteres im wunderschönen CERVO mit atemberaubendem Ausblick auf Zermatt und das Matterhorn. Mit dieser geballten Ladung Bear-Power, Blues Rock und dieser Leidenschaft, welche Marius auf der Bühne vermittelte, haute er nicht nur das weibliche Publikum um. Nein, auch Marius' Idol Paolo Nutini lies sich seine Musik nicht entgehen. Die Bühne glühte, das Zusammenspiel der Band harmonierte. Das Publikum fühlte seine Musik und lies sich davon verzaubern. Ich wusste, ich würde noch viel zu bearbeiten und zu erzählen haben aber dies war es mir wahrlich Wert genug. Ich fühlte mich geehrt, einen Teil davon zu sein und unter anderem auch Künstler wie IDA MAE - ein absoluter Ohrenschmaus mit Gitarrenriffs von Gott höchstpersönlich - sowie GRAHAM CANDY mit seiner einzigartingen Stimme und Power. Zermatt du warst einfach unglaublich!

What a festival, what an incredible journey! For four days, I had the chance to join Marius Bear and his wonderful band, as he has taken part on one of the most impressive swiss festivals, the Zermatt Unplugged Festival. Music, sun and lots of new friends where made afterwards. The impressions where amazing. My job? Being the "bandmum", organizing things so as being in charge of the social media including livevideos and posts, pictures, movies and his blog about the festival on his website. I also took care of his merchandizing articles and selling his CD's after each of the concerts. With three performances on three days in a row Marius could enchant the public and audience. Two of the venues have taken place in the middle of the festival scenery at Taste Village. An other concert happend at the beautiful CERVO with a breathtaking view over Zermatt and the impressive Matterhorn. With this concentrated charge of bear-power, Blues Rock and passion, he didn't just fascinate the female audience. His idol Paolo Nutini also had to come and see his venue. The stage was on fire, the interaction with his band was harmonizing, the audience grooved to his music and he enchanted it. I feel honoured of the fact that I was taking part of it plus meeting amazing talented artists such as IDA MAE  with their heavenly guitarriffs and beautiful duo-performance and the very talented GRAHAM CANDY with his very unique voice and power. Zermatt you were incredible!
A special big thank you goes out to the organization committee of Zermatt Unplugged Festival, Rolf, Christph and Angela, the sound engineers and this incredible and professional band. Without you guys this wouldn't have been possible. Thanks guys - you are incredible!


Mehr zu Marius Bär findet man hier / more information about the artist and where to find him here: :


Seine Auftritte am Event/ his performance on the event:



The Zermatt Unplugged Journey 2017

The arrival day & first performance on day #1

The arrival day - Wednesday
The arrival day - Wednesday

What a day..It all started outdoors with a wonderful rehershal and filmsession for social media of Marius and the band im Zurich city. After a long drive (a very long drive!) with "The Bear Bus" as I call it.. that one drive towrds Zermatt whas quite tricky as we first took the absolute wrong way. And so we drove through the looonng Gotthard tunnel twice getting out in the italian part of Switzerland (wtf!?) because of a completely broke navigation system and to much talking - of course. Could it be any different;)? 

Yeah -live can get adventurous if you don't know the right directions to take.Marius, one of the band members and I still made it on time though to find the rest of the band with more gear at the train station. We finally were ready to load up everything on the Caddy for the train. (Zermatt is a completely car-free town where ony electrocarts are allowed to drive) We all were quite happy to sit in that train for the last few meters up towards the village.
So hello good old Zermatt!
After the organization and a very warm welcome through the Unplugged Festival hosts, we chilled out at the great and very local Pollux hotel, whilst Marius already had his first rehershal at the hotel room for a commercial shoot comming up up here for him these days. (psst not mentioning anything here;) Marius Bear is starting with his first performance tomorrow morning at 11am at the Taste Village stage. It is one of the most central stages infront of the nice Zermatt Village scenery.. 
If you ask yourself now why I am joining them: my job actually is to take care of any issues that could appear, organizing his schedule, but mainly doing his PR like; filming, copy writing for his website, photographs, the social medias (trust me- that takes time!), his live videos, recordings and taking care im the way of having and keeping the band together, informing them about news or changes I do call myself - "the band mum" in a very pleasant way. It honours me beeing part of this great team and working for such a rising swiss star like Marius Bear.
May the journey continue..;)the bear's up now..

The review of his first days now also on Marius Bears website!

Performance @ CERVO Day #2

What a ride for Marius Bear these days. He was already quite booked with meetings and get-togethers on his second festival day. After a nice breakfast at the hotel Alpenroyal, the guys had to hurry up for their rehershal at the beautifully located restaurant CERVO in Zermatt. And people knew about his venue - even Thomas Gottschalk showed up and enjoyed it. So the gig was packed at 3 pm in the afternoon and the view over Zermatt truly mindblowing. The crowd was feeling Marius deep and smoky voice and were absolutely blown away by his and the band's performance. Iron Sky was performed by him, inspired by his big idol Paolo Nutini who he met here these days. Right after the gig and selling quite a vew CD's, Marius had to leave for a meeting with *Schwiizer Fleisch* and the evening arrived again already. The dinner was taken later with the whole crew at Restaurant Sonnmatten. Right after that, everyone had to hurry to the show in the main tent at Zermat Unplugged. Paolo Nutini was on. His venue and sold out show was mindblowing and leaving tears and goosebumps. He performed with almost a big band of 12 people. His version of Iron Sky was breathtaking and Marius later told him about how he loved his performance. There was the jam session of the marvelous Mont Cervin Hotel in the lobby at 12pm, where Marius was able to perform and where Paolo joined later on. Many more artists where playing and when he and the band arrived, it still sounded very jazzy..then ended quite in pop with that great mixture of several different artists such as Paolo Nutini who spontaniousely performed again and other bands.
What a wonderful day.. lets see what the 3 th day , staturday, brings for Marius and his team...

Taste Village stage venue & last day #3

So it was the last gig for the bear and his band. After having to get up at 9am to be a member of the jury for the mini playback show, Marius was hyped about having his last performance back down at the stage of Taste Village again one more time. As they already did play a venue there, him and the band knew that it was a big but easy rehershal and set-up. As the get-inn time was at 3pm, the guys from the band where able to relax for a bit whilst Marius went from appointment to appointment. After a nice afternoon-lunch at Wallisserkanne, they went over to the taste village stage. During Marius' soundcheck, the plaza got really crowded. Seems like everyone heard of him and wanted to come see Marius and his band perform for one last time. Great! Their show started shortly before 5pm and was mindblowing. Not just having little girls of the audience dancing infront of the stage but also seeing the audience groove and participate. New fans were definitely made and massive feedback returned afterwards by selling some CD's infront of the stage. Happy faces all around at this sunny afternoon. It couldn't have been any better.
Exhausted but quite happy Marius and his band started into their last night after their gig. The evening only came up and it continued to be a long and fun night in Zermatts great party locations like the Alex to see the venue of DJ ALLE FARBEN, featured by the very talented GRAHAM CANDY from New Zealand. After that, the longest night of them all continued at the Vernissage Club. A wonderful last joyful night for Marius and his band.

At eleven am the next day, "bandmum" and photographer Livie made sure that everyone was back on track so that the journey towards home could start. And so it happend - after everything was organized and the check-out done, the band left with their gear packed in this little towing vehicle to get back to the cars in Taesch. From there, the cars where driven back with lots of laughter, funny talks, memories fed hearts and minds and some naps on the way.

What a journey - what a great expierience!