The Kings on Stage
The Kings on Stage

On Fire like Sex - With the KINGS OF LEON

All about their mind-blowing venue @ Hallenstadion, may 30st '17

THE KINGS where here: Well, it's hard to begin writing about something that good, precious and breathtaking like the gig of KINGS OF LEON last night.

It still didn't all settle in my system and talking or writing about this fills me with so much gratitude that it gives me goose bumps. I heard so many good and bad critics about this band before, some said that the Followill brothers were unfriendly to them when they met them then others saying that the Kings of Leon are quite chilled and cool guys or that they would sound much better on a festival etc. To me, they could have been completely mad, and their music not in their best condition - I was just happy to finally get to their gig and to seeing them performing live on stage here in Switzerland again. I had to and I wanted to see them since many years. And I finally made it! They inspired and influenced me throughout the last years, defining my life giving it that special Rock 'n' Roll and the Rock that Switzerland needed  so badly last night. Not only last night, we could use much more of that kind of music in this little Country. We need more power, more reckless dedication and positive mood.  They were leading me on my travels through Thailand, my road trip to the surf camp on the west coast of France and later on during my precious travel and surf times in Indonesia. They were and are my motivation music before an early mornings surf session at the beaches of Bali. Before that, I heard them being played on the radio where it first caught mine and many others attention. This music gave me hope in my darker or numb days and the power before going out to a party, event or gig. I proudly call them my idols and I am confessing herewith that this is probably one of a very view bands worldwide where I would call myself officially a fan of. Wish I would have seen them earlier but in the past I somehow never made it to one of their gigs.


So it started at the packed Hallenstadion of Zurich. Packed with fans, some surf addicts like me and other friends of their southern Rock. I entered the golden circle as I knew that I had to be as close to the stage as possible this time, not only to keep the people posted, go live and take pictures but also to be as close as possible to soak up the music vibrations. Their UK support band called DEAF HAVANA  started the night and showed us some playful, wild and definitely cool rock and surf rock reminding me a bit of Sunset Sons , just a tick rougher in their music and younger. So fresh and powerful  was their performance in front of all the Kings of Leon fans. A great start into a night that would blow my mind as I would find out later…


So I positioned myself in the second row in front of the stage and waited for the Kings to come out and enter the stage. Finally the curtains opened and they started with their hit of the new album called "Waist a Moment". all came up inside of me, every step and inch of my travel journeys popped up in my head again, including the faces of the many beautiful people I've met on my way... tears rolling down my cheeks and I knew why and it wasn't the last time for that night. But  get back to business here, the setting on stage was incredible and very clever: moving pictures, wild with flowers and palm trees afterwards with funky sceneries that got projected on these walls. The heat through the many flashing lights was enormous. Not only Caleb started to sweat but also the audience and fans. I was quite impressed by their professional performance, cool moves and this natural flow that they showed. As if it was a coffee break for them;). Their interaction with the audience could have been more, I admit. Caleb nicely said by and gave thanks at the end of their venue though. And still they nailed every song with each guitar riff and drum beat plus their perfectly timed performance. I first thought that they would probably only perform songs of their new album WALLS but it then turned out to be a venue throughout all of their hits including a wild ride through their albums . I was very glad that I've chosen this expensive ticket for catching this atmosphere and the band the best way possible.


At a location like this huge concert hall, the vibes can get lost very quickly.A thing I surely had and wanted to avoid. I am used to smaller and more personal venues. Guess I made the right choice and surprisingly as seen on social media, it was very vibrant all over the stadium a bit further back though but no wonder – The Kings pumped up the air with all of their fire and filled the stadium with their southern and alternative rock, like there was no tomorrow. We got to rock to their hits  "Sex" , "Fans" a song that I personally like very much, "Bucket", "Mary", "Radioactive" my legendary motivating before-the-water-song, "Use Somebody", "Supersoaker" and "Find me" so as "Pyro" , "Back down South" and many more...

I was impressed by the many brilliant guitar solos of Matthew who kicked in and dropped into every song perfectly. My personal highlight. Of course, Caleb's male voice is one of the world's most unique ones. His power and that depth of his voice is breath taking. Not to forget about Jared and Nathan performances. Absolutely stunning as we know that playing bass and drums has a major impact of being a successful band. Great to see such professionals on stage!


My personal highlight in that venue was when the curtains closed again during the gig and Caleb did a solo performance with only his voice and guitar then afterwards the curtains opened again and the whole band hit in hard. They also did a unplugged song all together in front of the closed curtains which made it even more personal and touching.

Their rough southern rock in their hits and the hard riffs killed every doubt that they wouldn't be brilliant on stage. If I now listen to their recorded songs I can officially say that this all is "nothing" compared to seeing them performing live and catching that KINGS OF LEON FIRE including their coolness on stage that I can't believe of someone's actually having!


Still blown away and now a bit calmer, always KINGS OF LEON thirsty with the biggest satisfaction and a everlasting memory ,I am extremely greatful and thankful of having been part of this incredible concert evening. To write history! Hoping to seeing them soon again and one day maybe getting an interview with them.. to be continued with a lot of FIRE in my music soul – one love for the true kings of southern and alternative Rock!


Venue presented by ABC Production AG.

Copy writing, review and pictures taken by Olivia Fey / Liviesnotes

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