Sunshine straight from South Africa

A great venue with wonderful music spirits filling it

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     english review 

Today, one week ago, we had the pleasure to have him back in town: JPson came into town and performed at the very cozy environment of Hafenkneipe in Zurich. Perfect venue and crowd for his great concert. The international singer and songwriter defines the music style of "fresh folk". Music which is mixed with this extra ordinary groove inspired by his many travels, the surfing culture and lots of great vibes. His individual and touching music with these special rythms enchanted the audience and the athmosphere was captivating and filled with lots of joy. 

This time, he was touring through Europe with his newest EP "Wolves at War" which brought him back to the city, also promoting his latest song "save me". Listen to it on spotify now

Not only with the song "Ignite me", he performed an very special song in german called "keine Schokolade" written for his beloved dad who passed away recently - Swiss Chocolate, a must-have in his dad's life. Who isn't addicted to it right? A heart warming song, especially as many of his family members including his brother and mum joining to the show at Hafenkneipe. 


JPson wasn't performing alone. This time, he brought a fresh young spirit along. Reuben Stone, a very talented young street artist, brought extra vibes to Hafenkneipe. His KIWI (New Zealand)- Vibes were distinctive. He even played the trumped and I was impressed by the spontaneous jam, the two guys made on stage. All possible with the loop station he played. Funky fresh vibes from far away caught the audience from the first minute onwards. Who knows, maybe a new male Tash Sultana-duo soon is born. I am curious where their music will lead them. 




Many thanxx for your great music and I can't wait to see you back next time!

Keep the spirit and surf-vibes up!