My Music

Music, singing and songwriting as always been a big passion of mine. Eversince I was a little girl, I sang. Even before I could talk. Still working on my music and still having this great inner peace whenever I can write a song or sing. I am not doing this because of any career but because it makes me happy, gives me strengh, leades me through hard times, liftes me up whenever I am down, inspires me, gets me crazy foolish at sometimes.

The following links are some examples and there's some songwriting. There is more to come...


It's hard to explain it

trying to escape the truth

hard to maintain that

it was all about us two

Couldn't believe it, but it felt so real

now I got to see that it wasn't a deal

Riding down this lonely road,  didn't see it comming

you've tried to sell me gold

And I bought it, no I couldn't see

that it probably just was out of steel

Ref: Sweet memories, that's all you left in me

at least it was marvelous to be

you made me breath, you made me see

changing my mindset you made me believe

And I'm so happy I finally did

guess you where all I need..

Figuring out my life 

for the new to come

hoping that one day

we'll return as one

knowing that this day

the numb feeling will be gone 

got to move on now, not holding on

May there be a day you'll be remindet

you'll open your eyes, you won't be blindet 

from that toxic youth surrounding you

it's not about the attraction, it's all about you

Ref: rep. 2x