Living for life

Well, as we all know. Life can change quickly or get set back for some reasons. Mine is changing within the last two years like crazy. I can't even say why, probably because of the stars? My life jobwise is turning into the right direction and I got to do what I love in life the most. Working at a great club, behind the bar, doing Promotion for a venue I love the most but also starting off with interviewing these bands makes life so inspiring and interesting to me. It's incredible. Don't you sometimes ask yourself why some things happen to you? I do ask myself this and still think it all comes down to my travels last year that changed me so much making me a better me and understanding myself more. Just quit my job one day ago. It was a good job, but I was just not born for it. I did it for years but now seen that I wasn't ment to be working with it anymore. So I've chosen a new way now and I am very curious about where it's gonna take me. But as a close friend just told me: "you'll never have to be worried about not finding work or support.. You are a great person with great people surrounding you, they will take care and life will.." and so it is, starting my new job today! What else is there to say??

Thank you Plaza Team, Thank you Dig It!Team, Thank you Moudis! Looking forward!

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Did you ever had that situation where everything was on top and all the sudden everything just drops? Plans, goals, travels?

I could say that this is exactly the situation I'm inn right now. After breaking my right foot with skateboarding at my new job im all set back to my roots pretty much.

I was working with that broken foot at the beginning for over a week and after that didn't knowing what it was for over a month there was just pain altrough: medicine not working - yeh thank you docters and hospitals internatial and national, you weren't much of a help!  My advice there - always go to another doctor and do researches on your own. No one else cares. If a pain killer doesn't help, don't just take the next one - go ask again the physician might have given you the wrong treatment and shitty medicine or just didn't care about the fact that you where insured!

Now sitting around back in Switzerland at home having the most loving family I could wish for helping me out with this "big" issue of mine.  Actually - not a big issue, thinking about how many people are really suffering from bad lethal diseases. High level complains here - which I feel sorry for! Beeing dependent on others is the worst thing to me, I feel really bad about it. Love my freedom and flexibilty - both gone for now..

But still, that foot messing up all of my plans  does scare the shit out of me. It's only a foot that is "out of duty" for a couple of weeks ahm no wait 10-12 weeks( serious?!) where I would have been able to work at the surfcamp and having the time of my life - whichfor I gave up pretty much like my job, appartement etc.

It could be so much worse than that but it scares me seeing how much we are dependent on a healthy body. Did that come up to show me how important health is??Didn't I know that before already? Maybe wanting too much at a time didn't help me eighter. But was it too much I wanted? You can't tell your bones not to breat if they do..Sports can be killing, yess - but beeing without sports for me is like beeing in a cage pretty much. And sports plus music is what keeps me alive and these things get me over everything.

If there's an answer for this, I'm thankful for it. Maybe beein' stuck is imporant sometimes? Maybe it's just bad karma hitting me? Didn't I deserve more for once? What is that good for?...

As you see it's not always easy especially if you're despreatly searching for answers when all you should do is to accept your situation and just take it one step at a time.

Dear patience where are you? Need you desperately...your's the sportsjunkie!

Share your expieriences with me if you experienced similar setbacks...advices are welcome!

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jump inn

So it's about time for me to jump off into a new adventure of live. Last official day of work, doesn't that feel strange?!? Yes it does but at same time it feels quite liberating as I feel ready for what might come now.. It opens your spectrum and I just jump inn and let it carry me.. never stand still! What we all should do from time to time! Don't do that without having a plan, and the right mindset for it though! Know who you are, what you want in life, stay focused and never loose yourself. We need to do things while we can, we all know from our surroundings how fast life can be over so why waiting? I am happy for this summer season which will lead me into new working fields and (hopefully) but surely bring me in touch with many great new people from allover the world!

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Beyond imagination

Did this ever happen to you too??

Sometimes in life, we do meet some random people for a certain reason. We might not know why right now, why meeting this person, why at this moment. Impossible trinity. This person can just pop up in our life and dissapear within the next minute, but for yourself it can be a lifechanging encounter. So whatever turns out to be or not to be, it leads you to a complete new chapter of your life. When you' re ready to let go and not be held back by the fences that you built yourself up by having to function in society  - you can discover and explore so much more in life. After all, the curage of stepping out of the comfort zone can be relieving and very satisfying.

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Music and it's Magic

This topic that means the world to me. Yes it truly does. I want to share that with you and ask all of you: How many great moments with music did you have? When or with who? Was there a spiritual moment with somebody that you where able to share?


I must say that music so far gave me more than anything on this planet, more than I can describe. Wish it would be love yes, but unfortunately it's not... In the right moment, music just gives me the kick I need to get through the day. patience, the power to get active, the sympathy for my sad or melancholic moments, the strengh of survival power when I don't feel like I can make it on my own and so much more. So lets start with this:

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Because love is a descision...ladies...

Recently saw a video by one of the greatest and very famous male "advisor" on youtube.These points I want to sharevwith you.

              -    If you date a guy   -   


Can you get physical? Is there chemistry or not?


Can he scuba dive? Is he confortable with your family and can he deal with your enviroment? Is he willing to operate in another enviroment?(like yours?)


Does he give you brainal?Deep intelgence or interlectual conversations? Causes your neurons to improve and bringing out the best in you?


Is he worth in your worst?Can he handle me in my worst ? Then he can handle you in your best. Can you both stick together in these times?


Can you go forward in time? Is he right and ready for giving? If hes not ready he can't be right. Love is a descision. If he doesn't decide of truly loving you then he's not the right one!


Does he just like me or does he respect me?

Does he just like me because I gave him what he likes as entertainment or does he respect me because he wants to be like me or the way I am? 


Does he apprechiate you for who you are? 

...think about it.If no, let him go. If yes, you are one lucky girl! 💕