Surferstyle Look with Cailyn Cosmetics

To all my Ladies:

As already announced I did have the pleasure to be a make-up model for a very talented make-up artist who's big in buisness: Jesca Li from Zürich City. Cailyn is a very good cosmetic brand from the United States based on natural ingrediences without any animal testings. So the article about the step-by-step Look is out at our national Hairstylist and Style Magazin from Dobi Hair NOW: check that step by step Look for a nice Party or event afer catching the waves or the night before. Just right not too much but still giving your face great presence and flawless skin.

As it's a swiss magazin it's obviously written in german, but for those of you who not speak german you'll still have an easy one because the pictures explain a lot. And please remember, always have fun, no regrets and you're beautiful the way you are! xx Livie

Here the following link to get this easy-chick-beautiful surferlook (just wear it with open wavy hair!) :

Title in the magazin:

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    Aimée (Dienstag, 06 Oktober 2015 20:08)

    I have the Caitlyn gel liner and its amazing!!