Music and it's Magic

This topic that means the world to me. Yes it truly does. I want to share that with you and ask all of you: How many great moments with music did you have? When or with who? Was there a spiritual moment with somebody that you where able to share?


I must say that music so far gave me more than anything on this planet, more than I can describe. Wish it would be love yes, but unfortunately it's not... In the right moment, music just gives me the kick I need to get through the day. patience, the power to get active, the sympathy for my sad or melancholic moments, the strengh of survival power when I don't feel like I can make it on my own and so much more. So lets start with this:

Once I had a jam session with a musician I (thanks god!) got know. How I miss these moments we had with our music - you have no idea but I get sad just thinking about it. It was that unforgettable. He is a genious! Just the guitar and my voice to a wonderful song - that truly is heaven for me. I remember that balcony session outside that we had at my old appartement when I was singing "big white room" from Jessie J. When we where finished with the song, I heard people from all over the hood clapping hands and shouting out "more, don't stop" and "it sounds wonderful" ! We where in such a state of trance than that we didn't realize that there would be the whole neighborhood beeing outside at that warm summer evening listening to our music. Wow! This was simply breathtaking. It still gives me goosebumps just thinking about that summernight! Thats one of my best musical moments I had. Simple - but great!



What about your moments you shared with somebody? When or where did they happen??

Thank you for sharing it - feel free - here's our space for that!



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